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Our Ethos

Fiordland Lobster showcases the same values and culture today as when it was first established 25 years ago as a  small rural based fishermen’s company venturing into the live lobster exporting field.

Driven by changes in the management of the fisheries, particularly the introduction of the Quota Management System for lobster fisheries, which would reduce the catch and have a subsequent impact on the existing frozen tail export industry, Fiordland Lobster was formed by to both protect the fishermen and ensure the survival of the industry. From the outset there was an inclusive culture with a common goal of rebuilding and maintaining healthy, abundant wild lobster fisheries in the Fiordland Lobster fishing areas.

The close-knit company is a co-operative partnership between fishing and business expertise and the proactive board spearheads a unique business model designed specifically for the wild fishery based venture. Inclusiveness, transparency and collective decision making are key principles, which in turn have inspired an unwavering commitment from board members, management, staff and fishermen many who have been loyal to the company since its inception.

Fiordland Lobster’s unrivalled reputation in the industry, as a company set up by fishing families for fishing families, is reflected in its ability to foster excellent relationships with fishermen, quota owners, staff and customers and its integrity in maintaining quota and best prices for fishermen.