Dunedin Kiwi Rock Lobster

Baby Lobster

Otago baby lobster are an exclusive delicacy with a significant following internationally and particularly in China. 

The Fiordland Lobster Company is the only one licenced in New Zealand to take baby lobster from the Otago lobster fishery and this species of fish can only be exported from the company’s Dunedin facility.

A Quota Management system ensures the baby lobster are harvested sustainably, without compromising the long term health of the fishery. With only small quantites of the young lobster exported annually, there is a subsequent strong demand for the limited resource amongst connoisseurs.

The appeal of the Otago baby lobster lies in its distinctive sweet, tasty flavour partly achieved by the cold sub-Antarctic and nutrient-rich current which sweeps the Otago coast of Southern New Zealand, the home of this special and unique fish.