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Quality Assurance

Fiordland Lobster maintains its key position in the marketplace through its incomparable commitment to quality.

This is achieved by its ongoing investment in superior equipment, transport and personnel.

Quality is the overriding priority at every level from the fishermen on the boats to the buyers in China. Groundbreaking technology is taken advantage of in all aspects of the operation to maintain the best conditions for the lobster from the time they are caught until delivery to the market.

The company’s holding depots and export factories are fully licensed by the Ministry of Primary Industries and Fiordland Lobster is recognised for its in depth-training programmes, focusing on quality management, and its higher than average staff numbers attaining the New Zealand Certificate in Aquaculture. The Ministry audits the company every six months and Fiordland Lobster consistently meets the highest standard available in all five of its export facilities indicating its commitment to excellence.


From the factory floor to the CEO, everyone involved in the company takes pride in accomplishing the ultimate benchmark in quality, to ensure Fiordland Lobster’s profile is continually at the forefront of the industry.