"The most innovative and progressive lobster company on the planet."

Tuesday December 18, 2018

We have an inspirational new Vision Statement!

The drive and ambition that exist within the organisation are now reflected in the above Vision Statement. Great things can be expected in 2019, and onwards.

The image above illustrates that the journey is under way.

Our large truck from the backbone Te Anau - Christchurch route has gone into the workshop this month.

Following research and trials, it's been fitted with a brand new chiller unit and software that enable it to carry live lobsters at optimal temperature and humidity, year round.

And it's been dressed in the exciting new Wild Legend branding that we've been rolling out this year, internationally.

Maybe one day this truck will be a drone with artificial intelligence.

In 2019 though this is how it carries us into a future as the most innovative and progressive lobster company on the planet.