Return to China?

Friday December 11, 2020

China has challenged Australia to demonstrate that its lobsters are free of heavy metals and don't need to be tested at the border.

The Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania in Hobart has picked up the challenge. SALCO in Hobart is one party assisting with their programme. We recently received this IMAS update:

Hi All,

I just called into the processing room to have a look at the action underway for this testing work. Thought you may be interested. Impressively busy and I’m pleased that so many staff have been able to drop their other important work to help out.

It’s incredibly detailed – you may be able to see they’re having to dissect out all meat tissue carefully – eg that’s every one of the ten legs, raw. Clamping off the digestive tract before dissecting out thoracic muscle etc etc.

Professor Caleb Gardner

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies