Monday December 14, 2020

  • A global pandemic that has had an unimaginable influence on global supply chains and export market access.
  • For the lobster industry we experienced a three month hiatus as China went into lockdown to gain control of Covid-19.
  • Both New Zealand and Australia have done a remarkable job in managing Covid-19 and protecting its citizens, and both countries’ economies have rebounded.
  • Geopolitical tensions between Australia & China which have currently halted our SALCO exports to China.

With all of these challenges is it pleasing to state that Fiordland Lobster Company has also rebounded well and we are positioned to deliver a strong full year financial result. Importantly, the demand for our lobster in China has not diminished which is demonstrated in the record pricing we are currently achieving for the New Zealand lobster.

I’d like to thank all our staff, shareholders and fishers for keeping the faith as we have navigated our way through 2020. Merry Christmas everyone.

Alan Buckner

Alan Buckner, CEO