Around the Regions: Te Anau and Mt Gambier.

Monday May 21, 2018

Our new tanker is here to deliver sea water to replenish our tanks. The teams have also been busy cleaning our biofilters at the plant.

Te Anau 

In our annual budgeting meetings in March, we identified the rising cost of buying in seawater to replenish our tanks. It’s become worthwhile to buy our own tanker, and here she is. With a slight re-fit, we’re now using this former milk tanker to collect water ourselves from the Riverton area. So we’re getting the best water in the world. This operation is expected to pay for itself in the first year. 

We also recently carried out our annual biofilter cleaning. Through the season, shell and silt build up in the filter medium, so we pull half of it out for a rinse clean. The other half stays in place, to keep alive the bacteria that carry out the “bio” part of the process.

Mt Gambier

South Australia has also been busy. With the major internal re-fit completed on the Mt Gambier plant, we’ve turned our attention to the building exterior. In late May, the painters took advantage of a break in the weather to get under way.