Market Update

Tuesday August 31, 2021

Covid management and the Chinese ban on Australian lobsters are the big influences.

FLC and SALCO continue to face very different market situations.

FLC supply is being directed to China, where the ban on Australian lobsters has made NZ lobsters more sought after. Behind the ongoing impacts of Covid, Chinese consumers continue to rate Southern Rock Lobster as one of the best and most prestigious seafoods in the world, almost essential at upmarket wedding banquets and important business dinners.

Australian lobsters remain effectively shut out of the China market by the requirement for heavy metal testing on arrival. Additionally, permits to import Australian lobsters into China are not being renewed. Most observers are predicting that it will take years to resolve the underlying political tensions and undo this situation.  

Our work to develop markets in other countries, spearheaded by David Prendergast, is turning up exciting new niches, despite interruptions from Covid outbreaks. 

Diversification into cooked and frozen formats is being powered from Hobart, underpinned by upgrading of equipment, processes and packaging. 

And we have appointed an Australian Domestic Sales Manager, the highly experienced Donna Qiu, who has joined us from Craig Mostyn Tasmania and is reveling in the quantities now available to her year round within SALCO.