China market activities

Monday December 14, 2020

Online retail became an even bigger part of Chinese spending when people were locked down for Covid and couldn't get out to indulge in one of the biggest Chinese leisure activities, shopping.

 Apart from sourcing what they needed, it was also entertainment for people confined to their apartments. 

At the same time, with tourism not possible, many tourism resources, including customer databases, were turned to promoting food and beverage from countries that couldn't be visited. 

Fiordland Lobster Company took part in a live-stream event organised by NZ Tourism in June, when Wild Legend lobsters were presented and prepared online. 

We also expanded sales into new regions, through Chinese tourism businesses who needed new products and services to sell. These produced short term sales direct to consumers, and, more significantly, ongoing wholesale business to new buyers. 

As domestic travel opened up again within China, Joe Zhong our China Chief Representative went to meet with the new buyers and explore the markets of second and third tier inland cities.