Getting to market

Monday December 14, 2020

Live lobster delivery from remote coastal seafloor to bustling Shanghai restaurant tank is a great tale to tell.

Especially the part about choppers lifting live lobsters from the decks of fishing boats in remote fiords, and flying them over otherwise impassable mountain ranges. It never fails to impress buyers, and helps to explain why southern rock lobster is one of the most valuable seafoods in the world.

When Covid stopped international passenger travel, the domestic and international airfreight part of our supply chain all but disappeared. Fortunately the NZ Government responded by supporting international cargo flights as export business resumed. But the flights all left from Auckland, and big holes remained in domestic airfreight capacity. We couldn't get lobsters to Auckland to be exported.

Fortunately we could call upon our relationship with Air Chathams. They came to the rescue with charter flights from Manapouri, Ward and Christchurch Airports. We were using them several times a week when the need was greatest, and still weekly out of Ward. 

Without the Air Chatham option, and their flexibility in working with us, a lot less product would have moved this year.