Around the Regions

Friday December 11, 2020

Sharing news from some of our twenty-plus sites around New Zealand and Australia.

TE ANAU : A second new Mercedes truck arrived recently in its Wild legend livery. Neil Sutherland finishes up the daily drive from Rolleston, Christchurch with a wash down of the brand ambassadors of the road.

The growing Wild Legend fleet looking good. — Image by: David Prendergast

FLC founding fisherman and director, John Steffens (aka Hector the Director) often calls into head office for the morning quiz season over coffee with staff. Arriving on his new e-bike, he's doing his bit to lower the company's carbon footprint! (Te Anau desk David Prendergast.)\

Director John Steffens arrives for the morning tea quiz in Te Anau. — Image by: David Prendergast

MAHIA : This year has brought out the resourcefulness in many of us. Grant Hornblow, Mahia Depot Manager, handcrafted wooden holders for Covid-19 notices and hand sanitiser. (Roving reporter Richard Hendry.)

Grant Hornblow's woodcraft in Mahia. — Image by: Richard Hendry

AUCKLAND : During the Auckland Christmas party fishing trip, a mighty Asian paddle crab was hauled on board. Hmm, doesn't quite stand up to the Australian Giant Crabs being landed to SALCO, Grant. (Roving reporter Richard Hendry.)

Grant Walker with the catch of the day in Auckland.

MELBOURNE : Kiwis might not be familiar with the Australian Giant Crab. Also known as Australian King Crab, it's a limited fishery and highly valued in Asian markets. The animals commonly grow to 5 kg apiece, though smaller grades are preferred. This season we have a boat landing the monsters to SALCO. (Photographer John Havos. Why isn't he holding one up like Grant is?)

Who wants to tell this Giant Crab to get back in the tank? — Image by: John Havos